Traveling Responsibly

Travel enlightens the spirit and connects us to our planet’s serene beauty. But it’s no myth that we’re impacting the Earth.  We pledge to donate 5% of our profits to organizations actively supporting local and environmental preservation. A token of our gratitude for keeping sites pristine for generations to come.

-The N6 Team

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

Reintroducing Coliving

Coliving creates an environment for its residents to be active participants in the world around them. Learn more about this new trend in urban development and get involved!

Looking to join a group of nomads?

We find the most suitable homes for remote workers to immerses themselves in foreign lands while we learn and grow together. Join the herd today!

Meet us in Thailand!

September-December 2018

The N6 team will be living and working with our partner coliving home Koh Space in Koh Phangan! Haven’t heard of it? Other then it being a tropical island in the gulf of Thailand, you can expect daily trips to the beach, volleyball, yoga, amazing food…. I can go on, or just watch the video!

Want to join us? Message us below and we’ll send you a little more info 🙂

Shopping Certainly Is a Pleasure

We’ve created a few stores to offer you everything you could possibly need to live a life of conscious wander. Remember, 5% is going to our earth first friends!

Eco Essentials

We've developed some bad habits as consumers. But it's not hard to form new ones! Our essential eco store is catered for those who are looking to leave a little less of a carbon footprint.

Adventure Gear

Everything you need to find peace is already within you, but you may need some stuff for the ride. The adventure gear store is packed with gear and gadgets for your explorations domestic and abroad.

Remote Ready

Location independent work is on the rise. In no time, the idea of a permanent office will be a thing we tell our grandkids about. We've assembled a store for those who are looking for the best electronics and equipment to work abroad.


You travel light, we get it. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what keepsakes to take along the way, or buy while you're out. Our collection of Memorabilia offers a second chance to relive the journey

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Must be the heat…

The Frequent Traveler's Essentials

Tips and Tricks with some Delightful Readings

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