We're trying something different. Digital nomads are born to roam, and there's strength in numbers. As a herd of wanders, we can pull our resources and 10x our living situations. No more hostels or questionable travel arrangements. We'll get you around the world and set camp in the most beautiful homes for you to explore from. With two months per house, you'll eat, work and learn amongst the brightest network of remotes and entrepreneurs. Join our pack, and we'll be nomadic.

6 cities
6 homes 6 Coworking spaces
6 Guest speakers
6 Humanitarian projects 6 Cultural Events
Can you make the cut?

We select 20 amazing people from all walks of life to join our family. We're still putting this thing together, so sign up for updates and when we're ready, you'll receive your invitation to apply.

6 cities 6 Guest speakers 6 homes 6 Humanitarian projects 6 Cultural Events 6 Coworking spaces
Can you make the cut?